“Through a lifelong commitment to social transformation, Rabi Keeran has harnessed the power of motivational seminars, workshops, and training programs to systematically inspire and uplift others.”


About Rabi Keeran

“Rabi Keeran, a highly acclaimed motivational speaker, life coach, and leading trainer, has been conducting training sessions and seminars for a decade, catering to a diverse range of clients, including academic institutions, government organizations, banks, cooperatives, NGOs, and social clubs.

Additionally, he serves as the PDC Head of CTF Nepal (Nepal Career Training Foundation) and is the founder of the Vidyalaya Sanga Hatemalo Program.”

Why Choose Us

We offer empowering content grounded in research and facts, ensuring tangible results.

We offer affordable training programs, prioritizing the impact they make over the income they generate.

We are willing to travel to rural areas and diverse socio-cultural backgrounds without hesitation in order to deliver our services.

We adhere to our promised schedule and offer both offline and online follow-up support until the desired results are achieved.

Feedback from organizations we've collaborated with:

"A fantastic program that combines motivation, meditation, and practical strategies for both students and teachers."
Krishna Bhusal
"We extend our heartfelt gratitude as one year of this motivational program has truly transformed our school culture."
Rabindra Regmi
“"We firmly believe that the educational culture in our village municipality will undergo a significant transformation after this seven-day training."
Prakash Tiwari

At present, we have established a collaboration with:

We would be delighted to enter into a collaboration with you and your organization.

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Our Team

Rabi Keeran

Motivational speaker, Lead Trainer

Ashok Subedi

Program Director, Consultant

Kapil Sharma

Counseling Psychologist

Heera K. C.


Mina Keeran